Typography and Hand Lettering

I’ve been on a huge hand lettering kick lately. I’d never really thought about the shapes of letters or how copy can be more than just placing words on an image as an afterthought until recently. I’m beginning to see that

Two artists have really stood out to me over the past few months and looking at their work has pushed me to create my own lettering pieces, though my work pales in comparison to both of them.

Jessica Hische is Awesome, as her site’s URL will tell you. Her most recent work of note is the titling for Moonrise Kindom. Her portfolio is full of fantastic work that makes me want to try that much harder myself. Hat’s off to you Jessica (She’s also on Twitter)

The second designer who’s really been inspiring me lately is Sean McGabe (Sometimes known as Sean Wes. I found his stuff by chance through my ever running twitter search for the word “Illustrator” and I always look at the new pieces he posts. His also from San Antonio, Texas which gives him a bunch of points in my book.

Here are some examples of hand lettered pieces that I’ve done recently.

– Devin


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