Mini Topiary

F-18 fighter jet covered in grass

A friend of ours likes to collect cool art toys, specifically kidrobot’s Dunny series. They’re pre-painted art toys that stand about three inches tall and come in “blind boxes” which means you never know which specific one you’re buying until after you’ve opened the box. Each unique design has a probability of showing up in a box with some being more rare than others.

After looking at Michael’s collection I started to think about how I’d paint one myself if given the chance. After some pondering I thought that a grass covered Dunny would be a fun idea, so I did a google search to see if any one had the same bright idea as me. Turns out someone had a similar somewhat better idea so I let it go for awhile.

The next time I was at Michael’s apartment he mentioned that he had duplicates of a few of the current Dunny designs and offered to sell me one for $8 (they retail for $10) so I took the offer and then made a trip to Hobby Lobby the next day.

Once I made the first Dunny I realized that I could easily make any small object into a small topiary or hedge sculpture with few passes of the spray glue and a generous helping of railroad grass. I’ve made three to date and I’m considering taking them to the Train Museum to see if they’d let me put them on display as an addition to one of the train sets.

– Devin


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