Holy crap, We’re actually moving!

Number 11 masking a beautiful forest floor at Dawn

We’re moving to Colorado Springs and we can hardly believe it! Now that July has come around there is only one month until our move, and even fewer days of work. Sarah and I are going to get packing a little faster so we’re not having to scramble when the 26th rolls around. Our house is currently in that pre-moving wreck phase, where there are boxes everywhere and things tend to be just a little dirtier than usual. Small price to pay for finally getting to move on from San Angelo. I’ve grown to enjoy this town more than I did when I first came here, but it isn’t where I want to spend the rest of my life by any means either. I’ll have to write a post tomorrow about my list of things to do in San Angelo before we leave.

I looked at the calender on Monday and realized that with my vacation (Pre-moving trip to find work and a house) I only have 12 more days of work at Glazer’s.

From this realization the “12 Days” project was born. Each day I will design a piece of art on 8.5″x14″ cardstock and print 3 copies of it. The first print goes to whoever wants it (Jesse has claimed both so far), the second goes on the wall in the shop behind the printer, and I’m keeping the third piece for myself.

The only rule I’ve imposed on myself is that the final piece must have the remaining days number on the piece somewhere. As for ideas I’m jotting down notes in my journal and then letting things evolve on the page as I work with it that day. I’m pleased with the way the first pieces have turned out and I’m thinking this entire project will turn out nicely.



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