Sexy and I know it.

Today is Monday and we’re leaving San Angelo on Thursday night. Holy-guacamole the time has flown by these last few months. I’m going to make this post short since I want to play a few rounds of Spelunky with Sarah before bed time.
I made this awesome LMFAO art piece today for Day 3 remaining

Sexy and I know it

I know it’s awesome because a bunch of friends said it was. Just look what @AListExpert had to say about it.

@DevinGus OMG puh-lease buy that! Or buy me one! 😀 #YesPlease

I offered to trade her an art piece so we’ll see what happens there. She designs ladies “unmentionables” for some clothing company in New York…Victoria Something?

If I get enough interest in the project once it’s complete I may do a limited second run of 25 of each piece. Maybe sell them on Etsy or something.
Which reminds me, have guys seen Regretsy, or Your Kickstarter Sucks for that matter? Pure. Comedic. genius.



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