Back in Texas for a few last days.

Pine trees and boulders on the side of Pike Peak


Well we had our trip to Colorado Springs and it was great! Sarah took care of the paper work for her new Job at PPCC and we found a house in a great location. The house is right on Prospect Lake at Memorial Park, which positions it about a mile from downtown and (more importantly) extremely close to the 7-11 Velodrome.
We’re really excited to be moving and we’ve moved into the final stages of packing our house. As a result of that our food supply at home is rapidly dwindling which sucks because I really dislike eating out. The house is also a cluttered mess which is annoying but it’s expected since boxes are quickly filling the place to the brim.

I should also take a moment to thank Sarah for doing most of the packing at our house (98% +/- 2%) . I couldn’t do it without you, babe.

Finally I’ll leave you with the Rick Ross print I made yesterday for the 12 days project. Isn’t totally bad-ass? He’s building a dream, WITH ELEVATORS IN IT.


Rick Ross Illustration




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