We finally have internet!

A week after touching down in Colorado Springs and we finally have internet up and running at the house.

The past week has been a blur of errands unpacking and visiting family. The house is probably at 90% unpacked at this point. We have a few boxes in each room to tackle and then the art to hang and then we’ll be settled. That is until we get started on our next projects; Sarah started sewing again and is making a skirt, we’re starting our fall garden, making some terrariums with some air plants that Joy gave us, I have a watercolor painting to finally finish, etc. etc.

I’ve decided tomorrow is a project day since I’ve been chillaxing a little more than I should.

Here’s my list of things to do:

1: Mow the Lawn

2: Paint the key holder

3: Finish the documents for Rescue the Animals

4: Plan out my portfolio presentation

5: Contact Co-Pilot Creative about a portfolio review

6: First group ride starting at Pro-cycling at 6:30 (I hope I can keep up)

7: Balance my budget

I could go on and on with that list but I think if I can knock out those 7 I’ll be pretty happy with my progress.

I haven’t done much design work since I’ve been up here, but I did hand letter some thank you cards for Ryan and Chris which you can see here. I made new postcards for personal branding using piece number 5 from the “12 Days Remaining Project.”


Also, here’s some broccoli I took a photo of at the store.


Ok I’m out for now. Make sure you take a moment to look at Jesse-Gini-Mercy, AKA Party Jesse’s blog.



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