Things to do, things to do.

So yesterday I managed to tackle most of my to-do list, minus the forms for Rescue the Animals, so that’s my next item today after my blog post here. I also didn’t finish the key holder, but did make a solid start on it and since it’s turning out to be pretty in depth I’ll make a post later documenting the process and showing the finished work.

My ride yesterday turned out to be a solo ride since I had the time mixed up (5:30 start time instead of 6:30) and missed the group. I did however meet Larry, who is a local rider, and he told me the usual route and suggested I knock out the climb up Gold Camp and head back since it would get too dark to finish the whole ride at that point.

So I headed up to Gold Camp road. It was torturous at first. Climbing is not my strong suit, and this town likes to remind me of it. I saw a bunch of mountain bikers on Gold Camp near the top and let me tell you, these dudes were flying!

Here’s a picture of the Broadmoor from the “top” of Goldcamp.

The Broadmoor Hotel as seen from Goldcamp road

And Here’s the ride I did yesterday on google maps.

Here’s a shot of our totally badass bookshelf that Grant Bartlett made for us.

badass bookshelf arranged by color, ROYGBIV!

ROYGBIV, yah mean?

You may notice that our bookshelf is arranged by color, which is the only true way way to organize literature of any sort. The original inspiration was from this Apartment Therapy blog post that was discussed on Diggnation. I really enjoyed that show.

I’m also reading “Killing the Cover Letter” by Gene Kincaid again to help me focus my job search. That man is incredibly smart and to-the-point.

Sarah also made this delicious cake.

Yellow cake with coconut frosting and pudding

It was pretty amazing.

Here’s a picture of me with two of my pup minions. These guys are generals in the Short nosed dog army I’m building to fight Sarah’s quickly growing army of mean spirited chihuahuas.

Devin with his Boxer and Pug

My two most trusted men.

I like that the episode of The Shield we were about to watch is called “Dawg Days” it was probably about hookers and bangers, and crooked cops with a sense of “justice.”

Finally, I leave you with a pic of our desk setup. It’s a standing desk and it rocks! dresser used as a standing desk, badass iMac, mini fridge

Notice the mini fridge covered in stickers, a museum of our travels.



One thought on “Things to do, things to do.

  1. This is awesome man! I’m digging the book shelf, and you know as well as anyone that I don’t read. Also that standing desk is boss! The pups doing ok in the new home? I hope so! Puppy baby Barrot his the badass with a heart of gold. I hope he’s holding up! Also I need to invest in a fruit bowl. That looks delicious! We miss you at the shop man, it will never be the same!

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