Sewing Project #1: Complete

We have a craft room here in out new house in Colorado Springs. I love being able to leave out my sewing machine so it is at the ready when I have a whim to sew something. I have not completed a real sewing project in lets say… a couple of years, but once I got the machine set up in the new house, I was itching to make something. I went to Joanne’s and bought some fabric and a pattern then went to my friends online to ask for opinions on length of skirt. I decided to go about knee length with a slit. I pinned out my skirt pattern on the fabric and got to work. Luckily, I had a few helpers.

Dog helps cut out sewing pattern

The pups supported me every step of the way.

Barrett the Boxer helps out with my sewing project

After getting the fabric ready I realized I need to clean out the oily lint from my sewing machine and re-oil the moving parts.

Cleaning out the Kenmore sewing machine

I decided to go with pockets on the skirt because I have grown to really like them. I think it was a good choice and kind of breaks up the front. The shirt was supposed to have ties up front, but after cutting, pinning, sewing and pressing them I decided not to use them. I also forgot to allow for the slit when I was sewing the sides and decided it was good enough with it.

Finished skirt from sewing project

I would call the project an overall success, especially since I got my feet wet with sewing again. I am going to try and use this really sweet patterned fabric I got for a dress next.

Did I mention that you can see the mountains out the craft room window? Well you can. Take that.

View of mountains out of craft room window



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