Hand-painted Key Holder for the new house

When we moved out of our house in San Angelo our friend Paden took his key holder back, so we found ourselves needing one.

A bit of back story first; Paden’s mom had made him a key holder when he lived with us at the Old Post house, but when he moved to Austin in a hurry he left it. So we took it, and under the “House Belonging post moving agreement” if you move something that your roommates left if becomes yours.
The only reason I agreed to let him have it is because it DID have his name on it. And he helped us pack our truck. And he’s been a solid friend over the years.

So without further adieu, I present my most recent project.

As a project it was a fantastic reminder of how much better I could stand to be at using physical medias like paint and wood. It did however turn out pretty close to what I pictured in my head which is always a plus.

The main thing I realized is that acrylics dry really fast, and handling paint on your brush is an art in itself. Painting isn’t just about vision and ideas, it’s also about knowing the techniques to create what you want. Write that down, children.

Finally, I bought a drafting table today on Craigslist for $30! The only problem was that when they removed the top from the legs they managed to lose the mounting hardware. Luckily for me though, there’s a Home Depot between the pickup place and my house so a quick trip and $2.81 worth of mounting hardware later and I was good to go.
Final cost of my table $32.81, not too shabby if I must say so myself.

I’ve really wanted one since ol boi, Party Jesse, bought one for his art room. His was a little more expensive but a much nicer table. All in all though, I’m pleased with the way it turned out.

Drafting table covered in art supplies



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