Watercolors, Web Design, and CSS

So I’ve been job hunting, but I’ve known for awhile that I have some weaknesses that I need to work on if I want to land a really solid job with an Agency. The main one being my web design skills, which until recently were mostly non-existent. That being said I decided to start watching Lynda tutorials daily to start familiarizing myself with the web a little more.

I figure I already spend half of my life online, I’d better figure out how to make it look like I want.

The first course I watched was “WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes” and it was a little intense. The instructor, Chris Coyier, shows you step by step how to design a site, build it in Textmate using HTML and CSS and then he shows you how to port it all over to work as a custom WordPress theme. After watching it I feel a lot more up to speed on how everything works on the back end of sites. I still need to learn how to code, but I’m watching other courses to help with that too.

As for other skills building I’ve picked up watercolors again. The local Library has plenty of books on how to watercolor. Two that I found particularly helpful have been The Complete Watercolor Artist by Jenny Rodwell and Watercolorist’s Guide to Mixing Colors which is subsequently also by Jenny Rodwell(I had not realized that until I wrote this post).
I’d like to move more towards Botanical Watercolors which take a bit more time and precision. My grandma is pretty good at painting, I wish I could get her to come visit and give me lessons.

I’m running short on time since I need to head over to Co-Pilot Creative for a portfolio review this morning, so I’ll just toss up some photos of the painting process for you to enjoy.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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