Livin’ a Vacay

So far since we arrived in Colorado Springs, we have pretty much been living a vacation. There is a beautiful lake right across the street from our house where we walk the pups pretty much every day. The temperature here has rarely gotten above ~85°F and and you can see the mountains all day, every day. It really is fantastic.

I also started playing derby again (with the Academy of Hard Knocks Roller Derby league). Derby rocks my socks off, ok? I love getting to play. After attending a few practices, phasing up on minimums, and expressing my interested to join the league, they offered to have me skate with them in a mesh up bout after Team Bionic plays on the 25th. I am super stoked. Also, the bout will be on a banked track (what what!). I wish my parent could come watch (this will be my first bout that they will miss), but I think someone is taping the bout so maybe I can send them some sweet footage afterwards.

As we begin this week, my vacation is winding down to a close. Monday evening I have dinner and adjunct orientation and I start my second tutoring job this Wednesday evening.



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