Procycling, stenciling, and hand lettering

This weekend was a blast starting on Friday with the USA Pro Challenge stage 5 ending in downtown Colorado Springs! We started the day by eating breakfast, doing our usual chores (which always include some sort of house related project) and then walking with Puppy-Baby Barrett downtown via the El Paso bike path.

On our walk I stopped and finally snagged a good photo of the sidewalk stamp I’ve seen around town for Flat and Fancy INC. 

Flat and Fancy logo stamp in sidewalk concrete

I absolutely love the ampersand. As a logo, it tells me nothing of the company, but it has an old school charm this is great. It reminds me of early rail road logos which can be seen at Christian Annyas’ blog.

Once we arrived downtown our first stop was Poor Richard’s to grab some lunch since it was listed a pet-friendly restaurant online. Sarah and I each got a sandwich and found ourselves completely underwhelmed. It really takes a special sandwich to impress me and at a cost of $7 and some change, this Reuben just wasn’t cutting it.

Honestly, some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had came from Chef Jason’s Deli in San Angelo, very flavorful and very hearty.

Upon finishing lunch we decided it was time to find some desert and we ended up at someplace that I can’t seem to find on Google Maps.It had this awesome painting in it, so I got a picture for later inspiration. Orange and Red Paiting, Good Food

It was on Tejon near Brown’s Shoe Fit Co.

We got Ice-cream and then sat out front and watched the Criteriums that were happening right in front of us. I was stoked to see Jonathan Cavner race since we recently became friends on one of the Tuesday night rides. Here’s a pic from an earlier crit in the day.

Stage 5 Crit

After watching Jonthan race( and meeting his wife and daughter) Sarah, Barrett, and I walked over to Sandia since Greta had invited me to come by and see the office. It was a pretty awesome place. It had the typical small agency feel with all of the great colors and creative spaces you’d come to expect.
Then the pros arrived.

USA Pro Challenge Stage 5 final leg - Break

USA Pro Challenge Stage 5 final leg - Peloton

That guy in the yellow(middle) is Tejay van Garderen, who took second this year after holding the Jersey for most of the race.

It was truly incredible. Those riders are some of cycling’s best athletes. Millions of dollars worth of equipment and sponsorship rolling past at 30+MPH. We got to watch them do the final race loop 4 times which was great. I even spotted Cadel Evans which was pretty neat, his chin is just as chiseled IRL as it is in photos.

After that we walked home and then went and ran more errands before calling it an “early” night.

On Saturday, Sarah had her first derby bout in the Springs and she needed her name and number on jerseys so she could play. She asked me to make a stencil for it and I reluctantly agreed( I just wasn’t wanting another project but I did it anyway). I decided to try and keep it as simple as possible since I didn’t want to spend hours cutting out the stencil by hand. Luckily on my travels around the internet for inspiration I found this character brush set from Fudge Graphics.

Hand lettered stencil with first cuts made

The process for making this stencil went something like this:

1. Choose lettering and numbering (Paula Mean, 4).

2. Measure the shirts and then scale your lettering accordingly.

2b. Draw a small mockup of the completed design to plan where to place letters.

2c. Since I was using a font that had square letters I made myself three cardstock squares, 1″, 1 1/8″, and 1 1/4″, and then used them as a visual aid to determine how large I could make my letters. I chose to go with 1 1/8″ letters since it filled the space well but left plenty of breathing room for legibility.

3. Layout your lettering design on card-stock(I like to use old manilla folders. Got that tip from Ben Zeigler) using your square piece as a guide.

4. Cut out your lettering using a straight edge and sharp hobby knife, or switchblade, or santoku knife. The option is yours here, feel free to branch out and then report back here with your findings. Paula Mean shirt stencil, retro font

5. Test your stencil on a OLD SHIRT. I can not stress this enough, nothing sucks more than sinking a bunch of time and effort only to ruin your new shirt and then have to buy another.

5a. When you test your stencil be sure to look for overspray, color retention, and stencil mistakes.

5b. Fix any stencil mistakes, and change paint if you need to(paint sticks to shirts differently depending on the type of material its made of, if possible test on the same material as your final product), and mask of any part of your shirt you don’t want to paint. Paul Mean stencil being painted.

6. When your shirt has been masked off you can go in with small weights (I use stacks of pennies) to press the stencil down on the shirt as much as possible without blocking any of your cut outs.

7. Apply 2-3 coats of paint with light dustings and enjoy your masterpiece.

Now let’s take a short intermission to reflect on how incredibly awesome “Radio GaGa” by Queen is. It is nothing short of incredible. Screw you if you disagree. ALSO I want to grow a mustache ala Freddie Mercury. So be it, I’m growing my stache early this year for Movember.

Anyway, here’s Sarah rocking her Jersey.

Paula Mean is a total badass.

More to Follow in the next Post!



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