Drawing on the iPad

Sarah and I finally paid off our computer a few weeks ago like responsible adults and promptly decided it was time to purchase an iPad. We’d been needing another portable computer for awhile now since my laptop finally died and Sarah’s has been long gone. After looking at the cost and financing options available(18 months no interest) we took a trip to best buy and made our purchase.

The New iPad unboxed

If the iPhone is a super device this is a Super-Duper-Mega device. It’s a big ass toy, but I’m finding more and more ways to increase my productivity with it. My favorite thing to do so far has been to watch Lynda tutorials on the iPad while I’m doing some other task around the house.

Prior to acquiring our iPad I’d seen an article talking about the app “Paper” made by 53 and I could not wait to try it out. Naturally it was the first app I installed on the iPad and it has been incredibly fun and easy to use so far. The ability to quickly switched from pencil to pen to watercolor has allowed me to make a series of really sharp looking sketches in just minutes.
You can see my botanical watercolor kick coming through since most of the drawings have been of plants so far. I find plants to be great subject matter, they don’t move very quickly, have lots of detail, and look fascinating up close. There are a few bonsai trees in the mix as well, I sketched those this weekend when Grant, Sarah, and I went to the Pike’s Peak Bonsai Society’s show downtown. More on that later.

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– Devin


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