Grant came to visit, part 1

Grant came to visit us for Labor Day weekend and we were so thrilled to have him here. We picked Grant up from the Denver airport on Thursday in the mid afternoon and since we were all starving I convinced everybody that we should pit stop in Denver to Sam’s No. 3 for lunch. We were not disappointing in the least. We each ordered a different skillet meal and then swapped them midway through the meal so we could try each others. I went with the gyro skillet which has big pieces of tomato, lamb meat, and two eggs( I went with poached ((I’ve been on a kick)). I’m pretty sure we were all too ravenous to take any pics of the food but I’m sure photos of the food exists out there somewhere.

Grant fishing on Prospect Lake

Grant was dead set on fishing so we got some polls and licenses and planned our adventure for Saturday. Friday night Grant tried casting a few lines in the lake in front of our house, and he managed to catch a small musky!

After fishing and Sarah got done teaching her evening class we went to Phantom Canyon Brewing Co. to meet Nel and Dwayne. Sarah used to play roller derby with Nel and Dwayne was the teams interim coach. It just happened to be a crazy coincidence that Dwayne got stationed here a few weeks after we moved to the Springs. It’s a small world like that.


Devin with his Pug Scarf

Grant snapped this lovely photo on Sunday? Maybe, I’m not sure honestly. But the pug scarf as I like to call this is an often occurrence.

Saturday we went fishing up at Beaver Creek. We took Barrett and he had a great time, splashing around in the stream, smelling flowers, whining like a “tinny-baby”; the usual. I didn’t take my phone into the wilderness so no photos of that adventure.

Sunday was great because we took a trip to the GROCERY STORE! We love to cook and eat and we’ve been on a huge Asian food kick since we now have easy access to a great Asian Market, Lee Hing Inc.

Giant carrot with a ballpoint pen for comparison

The produce at Lee Hing is great and the prices are fantastic as well. They have a really solid selection of greens and veggies, but they often run out of hot items and you’ll have to wait for a new shipment later in the week.


A lot of groceries from the asain market for $60

Chinese chives(on the left) are a key ingredient to good Pad Thai and lend a lot of flavor to the dish.

Banana Flower

They also had banana flowers this week which is also found in traditional pad thai. I’d never seen a banana flower let alone cook one so this was a fun learning experience.

Sarah attacking the banana flower

Sarah is fearless as she bites into the incredibly bitter uncooked banana flower.
Sadly she learned that lesson the hard way.

Char god, is an awesom god.

This is how we found Char-dog when we returned from the market. He really is an awesome god.

That sums up the first part of the weekend pretty well. I’ll put the rest in my next post.


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