Painting and Modding Nerf Blasters for our Halloween Costumes

Sarah and I have been working on our Halloween costumes for this year and things are coming along nicely. Earlier in the year we decided to be Gotham City Impostors since the costumes would be easy to make and super fun. Since it’s a first person shooter our costumes needed weaponry and it just so happens that Nerf makes a great line of toy “blasters” that can be easily painted and modified.

While searching around on Amazon I started noticing mod kits from a company called Orange Mod Works that were custom made for certain Nerf models that effectively doubled the power and range. Being an awesome adult I decided that I must have one of these modded “blasters” since “one never knows when or where they may need to “blast” someone.” Dr. Dre said that I think.

Of course if you’re going to open a Nerf gun you might as well paint it and it might as well resemble a paint job from the game. Sarah’s is the Coveted “Snowflake” pattern that’s only unlocked through community challenges.

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