Posting from the iPad about Persimmons

Thanks to our local Asian grocery store, Asian Pacific Market, Sarah and I have been all sorts of interesting new fruits and vegetables. When we first saw the bin of persimmons we wondered to ourselves, “what are these yellow tomatoes?” We had only been looking at the fruit for a minute before a man walked up with his wife and told us that they were tasty just like apples and this variety was not nearly as astringent as some of the other persimmon varieties. His wife’s advice on picking persimmons was “get the big ones,” with no mention of color or ripeness, though I assume that color does have something to do with it.


The persimmons we were purchasing that day are known as Fuyu Persimmons and the have a light sweet taste and can be eaten just like an apple or pear. We ended up taking home a few and thoroughly enjoying them, thus leading us to purchase more upon our return to the market.

Once again Sarah and I find ourselves at the market and what’s this? Not one, but TWO different types of persimmons for sale this time! We’re feeling adventurous so we don’t think twice about getting two of these new “Hiyachi Persimmons.”


Fast forward to today when we are ready to try our first hiyachi persimmon. I slice it up into nice thin pieces and I take a big bite. “Sweet” I think to myself as my mouth begins to contract on itself as though I’ve just taken a bite of black hole. To say this was astringent would be an understatement. Turns out that Hiyachi persimmons have to be fully ripened to the point of being a mushy jelly before that astringency goes away.

Fuyu, notice how it is short and flat bottomed compared to the more elongated Hiyachi.


The Hiyachi persimmon is often hung out to dry in Japan and then served as a delicacy.


I also made a delicious pesto-ricotta pizza for lunch.

That’s all for today. These post on the iPad tend to be a little less polished but that’s just the nature of the beast I guess. Adios muchachos.


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