Sarah Bartlett

Sarah and Theo the Pug at derby date night

Sarah Bartlett is a 24 year old young professional making the transition from college… well… back into college. She recently got hired as an Adjunct Professor of Biology at Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado Springs, CO. She is glad to have finally gotten that elusive first job, but is hoping for something more substantial after this first year out in the working world. Do you know of an open laboratory or teaching positions? Contact her.

Sarah earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Angelo State University in May 2010 and her Masters – Thesis Option in Biology from ASU in May 2012. Her thesis,


was submitted to the Journal of Mammalogy in May and is currently under review. The project focused on using molecular systematics (particularly sequences from cytochrome b, ND1, and β-Fibrinogen to delineate the species relationships within the genus Eumops of bats.

When Sarah is not out doing science she does roller derby. Although she is great at positional blocking, her true position is as a jammer. If you do not understand, look up your local roller derby league and go watch a bout.

Sarah is Grant’s sister.

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