Working at the Colorado Springs Independent

Indy Insider cover

I recently picked up a gig at The Colorado Springs Independent (henceforth referred to as The Indy) laying out ads part time. Long story short it has been an incredible learning experience. I’ve gotten 10 times more familiar with Indesign than I was a few weeks ago, and I now have a much deeper understand of just what goes into the creation and delivery of a physical newspaper.

Friday I was offered a position with the paper as a full time Account Executive, which I must admit came as a shock. After I texted Sarah the news I called Grant on my walk home and talked about what I should do. His vote was yes. Sarah’s vote was yes. My vote was yes.

So I accepted the position. Once I know more about it I’ll let you all know.



Pup sketches, internships, and dinner party menus.

Well hello again everybody! It’s been too long between posts so I’m going to try my damnedest to get two of them up and written today.

I recently started interning at CoPilot Creative and have really been enjoying it. I honestly had to think long and hard about whether or not I wanted to take an unpaid internship, but in the end I decided the experience and free lunches were worth it. The very first day I was doing things that I would have never done on my own, liking making banner ads,editing large brochures in Indesign, and creating Ebooks.

CoPilot Creative logo

I get to look at this as often as I want.

On Tuesday, Austin shot me an email from a lady at the Colorado Springs Independent who was looking for a part time graphic designer to help with ad layout through the end of the month.

Colorado Springs Independent building front

By the end of the day I had myself a job at the newspaper! I’m pretty damn excited to be quite honest.


Look at his Eyebrows!

After seeing a post on Pinterest that Sarah found a while back we randomly add eyebrows to Char god. Doesn’t he look great?

Chargod's brows making him look concerned

I mean come on!

Pad Se Ew

Pad Se Ew. I’m getting pretty good at making Thai food and using my wok.

I’m also getting quite good at making Thai food in the wok, as you can see by the Pad Se Ew pictured above. Protip: The trick to getting authentic tasting Pad Se Ew is to really crisp the noodles. You want to get a nice toasty flavor on everything.

Devin and Sarah menu for lunch with Fixer Creative

We had Fixer Creative at our house for lunch one Sunday. We had New Mexico style green enchiladas and lemon brownies.

We had Fixer Creative over for lunch one Sunday. It was lovely and we’re looking forward having lunch with them again.

Watercolor pug in a kimono performing a Japanese tea ceremony

I painted Theo in a kimono performing a Japanese tea ceremony

I’ve wanted to do an art piece like this for quite some time and I finally got around to doing an early sketch. Looks pretty good eh?

Marker and watercolor pug shooting a lazer beam.

Markers and watercolors!

I’ve been working with markers more as a start for later illustration work. See the following.

Hall and Oates marker drawing

I love Hall & Oates

You seeing those handsome mugs? I’m thinking of doing a series of marker drawings of album covers that I like.

marker drawings and sketches of dogs

Drawing those pups

I’m working on developing a style that I like. It’s always a work in progress.

Vase of flowers drawn on Paper on the iPad

More work on Paper.

Paper is fun/frustrating with its color limitations. You have to mix colors and pens to get the desired colors. Notice how I made two different purples by using the wash with a white pen stroke and a purple pen stroke.

Vase of Flowers on a table

Here are the flowers IRL.

Ok. That’s about it for now. Catch you on the flip side (later)


Vacation has to come to an end soon

So I’ve been in Colorado Springs for almost 3 weeks now and still don’t have a job. Kind of a bummer, but also kind of a great time of relaxation. Don’t think I haven’t been productive though, Sarah and I have been working on our new house to-do list regularly and I think we’re finally nearing the end of that list.

We have most of the framed art hung, and bikes put together and on the walls. Now we’re down to just finishing the bike/workout room and craft room. This house is freaking awesome, the cost, the location, the landlords, it all rules. I can’t wait to have friends over for dinner.

I can’t wait to have friends! That’ll be so cool, we’ll read comics and stuff and, and, play video games, and ride bikes. It’s gonna be so rad.

But in all seriousness I do believe I have actually made a pretty solid friend with Ryan Putnam of We met when I came to the Springs for vacation before we moved. I bought him coffee and he in turn reviewed my portfolio and gave me some great advice on where I can go with a few projects and maybe my career. We talked for a solid 3 hours I’d say, and then earlier this week we met for a bike ride across town. The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was talking in the Springs that day at  University of Colorado which I’m told is a private school located downtown (watch out AUSTIN!), this was mostly of note since the roads were closed off, people were walking all over the path like they had some sort of “right away” and most importantly there were plenty of beautiful women dressed to the nines. Here’s looking at you, girl in the bright purple dress.

Heidi Klum(?) in a purple dress.

I think this is Heidi Klum…maybe. Here face looks sort of Funky.

That is NOT an image of the girl in the purple dress, but it’s similar enough. Moving right along.

P.S. The bike ride with Ryan ended at The Coffee and Tea Zone (they seem like an opportunity for some freelance webdesign work, no?) with tap drinks and discussions on how life is fundamentally suffering, etc. etc.

Today on my job hunt I called a bunch of people at my top 5 agencies and asked if they had openings. Not surprisingly none of them did, but that’s ok, because now I have contact points with them and I can stay relevant and in front so when a spot does open up I’m ready to jump in there.
In the mean time I’m trying to pick up a job to hold me over until then, whamp whamp. I am freelancing up here, though, and I’ve already got some work in motion. Who knows, maybe I’ll just start freelancing and work for myself. I’ve always wanted to and chilling with the pups all day has been really great.

Boxer Dog close up as he sleep in a patch of sunlight on the floor

Isn’t he beautiful?

Also, random shot of Sarah!

Sarah Bartlett in a Tie-dye shirt

Isn’t she radiant folks?

Final though is in regards to structuring my day a little more in an effort to accomplish more. I want to be producing more art, bigger art, better art, pieces people want to pay money for. So I’m going to keep open iCal and set some time…and as I type that it seems like and incredible pain in the ass and wasted effort.

So when I’m done with this I’m going to jot down my list of to-dos for tomorrow and try and block out specific times for them so I can make sure I’m dedicating time like I should be. it will roughly look like this:

1. Coffee

2. Shave

3. breakfast

4. 1 hour of Lynda tuts (never stop learning)

5. Rescue the Animals website

6. Dishes

7. Lunch

8. Spelunky

9. Drop Of Contracts to John

10. Work on 1 old personal project for at least 2 hours.

This post has gone on for far too long. As always take a moment to hope over to Party-Jesse’s blog.